Modular PVC-Pipe Furniture

September 2014 – April 2015

Picture this, you're entering Columbia as a freshman. You have no furniture, no friends, and no clue what you're doing. Thankfully, though, you have some basic shop skills, access to funding, and, most importantly, an eager and awesome roommate who's down to build.

Next thing you know, you've got a transforming frame that works as a couch, platform, and regulation-sized beer pong table (rather fortuitous that).

That's exactly the story of Saarthak Sarup's and my amazing shape shifting couch. Made from the finest quarter inch PVC that Home Depot had to offer, and built using the latest technologies such as epoxy and trigonometry, Saarthak and I built the chillest college futon in existence.

The total bill of materials came to about $60 with about 10 hours of time spent in the Columbia MakerSpace fabricating this beauty. After construction of the frame, we used salvaged plywood from a dumpster to support pillows from a donor couch on 28th and 3rd.

As all good things must, so too did this couch meet an end. In April of 2015, after many months of tireless service supporting upwards of 4 derrieres at a time, our mighty couch could stand no longer as a joint failed and the frame collapsed. Mr. Couch was then cermoniously disposed of in the nearest garbage room, and Saarthak and I resumed sitting on the floor again like cavemen.